Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pecah Batu

On Thursday I go to find 龙哥 at Slim Village. After 吹水 with him, we go to a river that nearby it's house, Sungai Pecah Batu. Then I take some photograph at there. We decide to go upper part of the river by walking because there many big rock that motorcycle can't pass through it. After walk for more than half-hour we decide to come down because we dont know where the road is heading and how long it is. There are no body in the jungle but I can see some old offroad cars tyre prints. After come out from the jungle we go for our lunch.

Common scene in the jungle

Beautiful leaf

A deep pool

Quite hardcore...

龙哥ask me to posing wor...

 Next time I want to explore the more upper part of it.


  1. menarik pot tu:) oo keong nie org sungkai je ye?? renjer orang felda besout, dkat je kite nie :)

    1. baru hari ini nampak comment renjer...port tu ikan kecil2 jer...